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Alan N. Potts

Alan N. Potts


Tired of the retirement account/stock market rollercoaster ride? What about real estate as an alternative?

Can I really use my IRA and 401(k) rollover account to purchase real estate? Yes, you can! The truth is, this option has been around since 1974.

Why haven’t I heard of this before? Maybe your investment firm wants you to invest in their products.  The definition of a stock brokerage firm is – a firm that buys and sells equity investments for a fee.  Are these investments best for you? 

What do people learn about Real Estate IRAs?  If you want your IRA to invest in real estate, you select a real estate IRA custodian. If you want your IRA to invest in equities, you select an equity IRA custodian.  It’s your choice! 

Why Alan N. Potts and Potts Financial Services? Alan N. Potts, Chartered Financial Consultant, can provide a fresh insight on the topic and explain how you and your family can benefit. Because of his education in economics, retirement accounts, risk management, real estate markets and taxation, he is able to use his unique perspective to develop a customized approach just for you.

Call or email us, listen to our Audio Program, read the Real Estate IRA Guide and tour our website. We look forward to showing you how the constructive use of an IRA is more important than its possession!©

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